Legal Services: Asset Protection

Asset protection is a set of strategies and legal tools used for protecting your assets from lawsuits and claims of creditors or in case of family difficulties.

We suggest engaging in asset protection planning prior to a problem. Every situation is different, so we encourage you to call us and speak to an experienced professional attorney, to decide if a trust or a company is the best solution. You can implement asset protection at almost any time to guard against a lawsuit, judgment or divorce.

Protecting Real Estate & Liquid Assets

When you have the proper legal tools in place before a lawsuit strikes, you’re in an advantageous position. This could mean the difference between quickly settling out of court or costly litigation. Once you have protected your assets, a creditor or potential legal opponent has to face the fact that you are not an easy target. They must decide how much time and money they want to throw at pursuing you. 

Why Do You Need It?

Regardless of net worth, any individual or family that has assets they wish to keep should look into a wealth protection plan. It should be appropriate for their assets, risk, fears and comfort level. Business owners, parents, investors, real estate owners, physicians and other professions are at greater risk of encountering major lawsuits. Thus, they have even greater needs to implement asset protection plans.

Financial Privacy. Legally.

Before someone alerts you to legal attack, the chances are that an opposing legal team has performed a search to locate and value your assets. With this in mind, you can implement financial privacy measures. As a result, an asset search can show little to no assets or asset value, depending on the techniques used. Those without attachable assets make poor lawsuit targets.

The rise in Litigation Urges Protection

Today, more than ever, people are concerned about preserving their wealth. Litigation has been on a steady rise for many professionals, including attorneys, medical doctors, dentists, parents as well as business owners. Thus, now people are putting their money where others can’t get it. Insurance policies, with their small letters clauses, aren’t enough to protect your family’s financial future.