Become a shareholder

Cerberus AM LTD, who is leading Cerberus Academy, The Asset management, The Investors Club and The Matrix Club,  has decided to offer some of its shares (500 on a total of 2.500 shares). The shares possess voting rights and participate in company income.

The share sales amount goes into the company’s investment capital and is invested on a profit-oriented basis to guarantee the shareholders the highest possible dividend yield and to increase the share value with a proportionate profit reinvestment program.

The fastest buyers are proving the preferential conditions, which are granted after application

Yield forecasts

The dividend payout assumption is based on the premise that we have sold all the shares, and that our current customer base is moving at a normal growth to date.

We estimate that in the next five years, the share value will be increased of around 40-50%, on the top of the dividends.

Can a shareholder be an agent?

Yes, shareholders who facilitate new clients will receive an annual commission of 3% of the investment provided. The payment is made when the commission sum makes sense, based on a monthly 0.25%