Institutional and Key Accounts

Talking about investments, we work with three large international licenced companies, which are among the leading companies in different markets, so that we can optimally verify in the real market our teaching, to learn how to invest and generate the greatest possible safe return.

The trading plan is the means we use to implement asset management. Once optimized, this management becomes a financial asset capable of producing reliable results on an annual basis. The setting up requires more work in the planning phase and less onerous work in the implementation in the real market.

Every trading plan we use to requires forward-looking skills and management skills. The forecasting processes have the task of detecting precise and optimal market conditions, with the aim of achieving of profit target. We already know that our forward-looking skills can be improved but to some extent. Beyond this limit, we are aware that we cannot go since we will never be able to make a net profit with every opportunity, every time. It would be like predicting the future, and until proven otherwise, nobody can. Therefore, as Van Tharp teaches, we can fill the gap by exploiting management skills. This is the real secret to making money on the financial markets.

Risk Management

In our licenced Asset Management Company, the risk management has been ensured by the distribution of the investment funds at three different trader companies and the daily performance monitoring by our own specialists. In addition, the trader companies have the obligation to hold no more than 2% of the invested capital in open transactions at the same time. With this measure, our statistical investment risk is below 0.1%.

Our Asset Management Company, along with all our partner companies, is externally audited by leading accounting firms.

IT infrastructure

We have our own servers in New York on NY4 Equinix, one of the Stock Exchange cross-connected Server Farm, and our own independent software is directly linked to the stock exchange. The server location is authoritative to give up all information and trades without loss of time (latency).

Performance from the last years

We do not teach only. With our Asset Management company, we also work on the floor. Performance statistics proves that on a yearly base we are independent of a theoretical negative result, with decent and nice results. At the net of management fees, traders fees, and bank charges, remained to the client a net profit of around 1- 3% per month, in relation to the invested capital. Please note that past performance improves our ability to predict, not our ability to perform. To call past performance an “indicator” suggests that the more one succeeds, the more one will continue to succeed in the future: that’s obviously not true. For this reason, we always refer to the usual disclaimer, stating that past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes. If you are interested, please contact us.

Mirror Trading

For Business accounts, on a specific request, we can activate a mirror trading, that is a strategy that allows investors to copy the trades of experienced and successful investors. Its automated nature can help prevent investors from making emotion-based wrong judgments. Because mirror trading determines when a trade gets opened, closed or amended, it removes the stress of making trading decisions. This is particularly helpful for new investors who may initially find the market overwhelming.

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