Who we are

Cerberus IC is an Investors Club, invitation based.

We are a group of individuals who meet for the purpose of finance education.

“Lenin was reminded: “Learn, learn more, learn forever” and sentence has become the truth for all time. So what is learning? Learning is a task that people have to do every day and probably for life. Learning is an intellectual act of thinking, receiving the knowledge of human society to develop their understanding. Lenin advised we are constantly learning to improve knowledge. But how to learn more, learn forever that is the point? The students are learning how to be effective? . Theory can be learned through the school, from books, to learn solid theory; however people need to combine the theory associated with the practice. And additional knowledge, people need to study and refer to many books and other information as students who must have self-discipline, learning is not only from books but also it can be learned from friends and teachers. The most important is known based on what they have learned to apply to life and passion, creativity in learning. Therefore, Lenin’s words always bring a tremendous value; encourage us to work hard, study hard regularly to ensure yourself a life of continuous progress.” This is the meaning, this is the product of Cerberus Investors Club.