Who we are

Cerberus AM is a Club, invitation-based.

We are a group of individuals who meet for the purpose of financial education.

Create, prepare and save for the future is our Motto. We learn together how to make our money more.

Cerberus is devoted to educating its member about the world of financial business so that they can take advantage of the market, develop investment strategies, and be proactive in business. We monitor and evaluate worldwide events, which could affect the various markets and developing investment strategies based thereon.

Lenin was reminded: “Learn, learn more, learn forever”. Learning is a task that people have to do every day and probably for life. A solid theory can be learned through the school, from books; however, people need to combine the theory associated with the practice and self-discipline. Our courses are theoretical and practical, with one-to-one sessions, online and onsite. 

Learning is the “product” of Cerberus AM.