The Matrix Club

The Matrix Club is an invitation-only club for financial trading enthusiasts.

Together we learn the principles of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, financial mathematics, money management, psychology and everything that has to do with the world of trading.

The mission of The Matrix Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop Financial trading skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. 
We have a closed-end mutual fund that we trade. Each member participates in this fund with a small cash deposit that has no impact on their economic life and must not be detrimental (also known as “extra money”). For 2020, it has been decided in one thousand euro. In addition, after voluntarily attending the basic courses, each member can provide their own suggestions about trading transactions. In our club, pieces of information are shared by via a private Telegram channel and by a Facebook group.

Our club is operating a kind of “educational social trading”, but in a closed and reserved for members only way. The Club is teaching live how to trade. Trading will be done on the Club Account by the Club Treasury, not a Demo Account but a Real account. In order to participate in the Club Educational Activities, participation in the Club trading account is required, with a small deposit (check in the Website the current amount).

In the case of profits, these are shared between members and the Club itself, that will reinvest the net profit in Club activities. Benefit from customer recommendations, which will be rewarded with a bonus. All Cerberus’ training courses and products have a monthly referral bonus.


The Club has a statistically planned Return of Investment, that is for 2020 12% p.a. Please note that Past performance or a mere statistic is no guarantee of future results. On the top of the profit from trading, since this is a private club (no MLM or structural sales), all members benefit from the growth of the club with a “Bonus”.  


 The more members we have, the better conditions we have with the bank and we can share them with our members. Therefore, in addition to the deposit profit (the “Interest”), the member receives a “Monthly Bonus” depending on the growth of the members in the Club. This bonus is paid out monthly and refers to the total sum of all training courses or other Cerberus products purchased by your customers.

More details on the Club webpage, at